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Jacques Marie Mage

Jacques Marie Mage Eyewear Glasses Sunglasses range is displayed at Claremont Optical and our 2nd Claremont store Eye Station. Between our 2 Claremont stores we stock 170 pieces.  It could easily be the largest range in Australia? 


Jacques Marie Mage is a maker of rare, collectible spectacles that combine historical motifs with precious materials, innovative production methods and ethical business practices. Designed and created by Jerome Mage, the Jacques Marie Mage collection offers quality fashion accessories with custom detailing. The range showcases a unique palette of materials, as well as rich colors and striking geometric forms.

Our second Claremont store called Eye Station is located at 5 Bay View Terrace, next to the Claremont Hotel.  Eye Station stocks other big brands such as Celine, Tom Ford, Cutler and Gross and others.

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